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Program Life Insurance , Insurance Accounting , Other Courses

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Life Insurance Course

  • Basic Level of Life Insurance Course  + AJ./01
  • Intermediate Level of Life Insurance Course + AJ./02  – 0 I
  • Advance Level of Life Insurance Course + AJ.03-09
  • Intensive Level of Life

Insurance Accounting Course

  • Life Insurance Accounting Course and General  Insurance Accounting  Course
  • Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Intensive Level

Other Courses

  • Tutorial for AAMAI Examination for Life and General  Insurance
  • In-House Training : This course is  held by LPAI at the  Places designated  by the clients. In-House Training is carried  out upon the  request of the clients who  need to upgrade their employees insurance knowledge.This training is available in  Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Intensive

Agency Examination

This Agency Examination  is the  Implementation  of collaboration  between  Department of Finance and General Insurance Association  (AAUl). Insurance Agents are the frontrunners  of Insurance  industry who  directly encounter the Customers.To give them  sufficient insurance and salesmanship knowledge, LPAI training and agency examination.

  • Correspondence CourseThis course  is  intended to those
  • Living outside Jakarta, including outside Java region
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